Monday, July 30, 2007

A Different Training Program & A Different Marathon

Hey, I found this at Nike+. It's a 12-week beginner program to train for the half marathon. I think it looks potentially better than the one I selected before. Course we're now 11 weeks away (10 in Boise), so we'd have to start on week 2 (3).

BTW Nike+ has their own (women's) half marathon. They're having it on October 21st. It raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. If you know someone who wants to train with us, but can't attend the Marathons we're looking at, this could be another option.


fat-fit katrin said...

Please post the schedule for us to check out.


Elisabeth said...

It's already there! It's a link in the first sentence! :) :) :)

Teddi said...

Does anyone want to do the relay for the Denver marathon? I think that one of the legs of the relay is a more realistic goal for me. Anybody?
1st Leg: 6.0 mi.
2nd Leg: 3.8 mi.
3rd Leg: 9.3 mi.
4th Leg: 7.1 mi.

Elisabeth said...

Great idea! Is there a minimum speed you have to run/walk?

Teddi said...

Hmmm, I just checked their website and you can only run the full and walk the half. The min. pace for the marathon is 13:44/mile while the half-marathon is 18:19/mile.

Let me just keep training and think about it. I'll see how things go on the 6 mile training day.