Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What's your gear?

It's fun to look at all the gizmos everyone is using. Post links to yours in the comments, or edit this post and add photos here.

Elisabeth's gear:


George said...

I think you forgot the most important gadget!

Elisabeth said...


fat-fit katrin said...

I just use a treadmill (at the Y or a pedometer outside). however, I just figured out that my shoes are too old. the most painful part of my body after my first 3.3 miler were thr bottoms of my feet.

Teddi said...

I use the treadmill at 24Express. I can track my pace and set distance goals during each session. I can also test my heart rate. I'll probably get some sort of music device, not sure what yet. I will also need to get some good walking shoes. Maybe I'll go to that shoe store in Boulder and get my walking style tested.

fat-fit katrin said...

OK, I got the Nike+ thing, like I posted in the other section. Bret took me to a store where they test your foot shape and walking pattern and then recommend a shoe for you. I got a new pair of Brooks (Radius 7), shoe balls (for deodorizing between workouts), workout socks (to whick away the moisture), and the Nike gizmo. I can't wait to walk tonight and try out all my new stuff. I also can't wait until the kids get back so I can start using the nike thing.

I am only going to use my new shoes for workouts. I will stick with the stinky shoes for slaving around the yard and camping.