Thursday, August 2, 2007

THURSDAY PROGRESS: Boise Day 4, Denver pretraining.

Please post your progress in the comments.


Teddi said...

Yesterday was my first workout. It actually made my nausea go away so maybe I'll try to figure out the best time of day to walk. I walked 1.5 miles at a 17:30/mile pace. One of my knees was bothering me before I started so I tried to take it easy.

I'm planning to go again this evening and again tomorrow since I won't be able to go on Saturday.

annika said...

mamma u r so cool!gumma u 2!keep it up!

bear said...

luv u mamma!ya'll keep up the good work!

Elisabeth said...

I was waiting to post my comment yesterday till I had worked out, but it never happened. Anyway, thanks Annika for the support! Thank you both for chearing us on!!

let's see, Monday I walked our long family morning walk -- 23 mins, 1.11 miles. Tuesday I did over 2 miles at 15:01/mile. Wednesday I ran/walked a 3k on the treadmill. 3k was according to my iPod + NikePlus, the treadmill said it was over 2 miles. I may need to recalibrate my Nike Plus thing. Anyway, my pace was 13:59!! Yesterday was an off day, only went on the short family morning walk 7 mins and .32 miles. Today I really made up for it, just wait till Monday's progress report!!! I'm dying right now, but I walked Uh-lot today, so I'm really happy!

fat-fit katrin said...

OK, I goofed. I didn't walk Thursday. Bret did a tri and I wanted to go support him. I was going to go to the gym before, but I didn't get off work in time. Then I was going to go after, but we got home late, sorta fighting, so we had to sit down for a long chat.

Yesterday was our 19th anniversary. As a gift, Bret took me out to dinner, the Anniversary Inn overnight, then shopping for new sneakers and the Nike+ thing. Of course, I don't own an iPod any more, so I will have to borrow from my kids. They can tke turns loaning me theirs when they get back.

Today, I will be doing my 4 mile walk. I decided to stick with the original training program since the timing fit my plans. I do have a plan B, though. There is also a half marathon at the end of October. So if something goes awry with my training, then I will just skip to the later one.

I'll let you guys know how my new shoes work.


fat-fit katrin said...

Annika and Bear, you rock. Can't wait to see you guys!

OK. I walked 4.0 miles tonight in 1 hour and 23 minutes. It was a slower pace than my 3 miler because I was outside. It is much easier to maintain pace on a treadmill. My shoes worked out great! Legs and feet kinda hurt, but they are not used to this level of hard work. All in all a good work out.

I do not like walking the greenbelt by myself, though. Bret didn't like the idea of walking with me, because he had to run 1:30 tonight to train for the big tri next weekend. So I either need to get a dog or stick with the gym. Maybe the kids can go with me on roller skates?..