Friday, August 17, 2007

THURSDAY PROGRESS: Boise Day 17, Denver Day 10

Oops! Forgot to put this up yesterday. Please post your Nike+ here, or your written progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

I keep missing Thursday workouts. But I make up for it on Fridays, which leaves me kind of tired for Saturday's longer workout. Gotto find a way to get up earlier on Thursday's or something. Anyway, doing ok I think. I'll post my Nike+ a little later today. Tomorrow, I am going to go for an outdoor train here in thornton, anyone of our lurking trainers is welcome to join me!

So as you know, I'm frustrated with the lack of change in my weight/size. I saw a difference when I first started, and my waist started getting smaller. Then it popped right out again and there is no overall change in my weight or fat%. But how can that be? If I am training this hard, surely I am develping muscle? And if I am staying the same weight, my fat % MUST be going down, unless I have some phantom weight that the scale is not reading. Weird. Still holding out on the food thing even though I am fully aware that I have to reduce my calorie intake.

Elisabeth said...

Today's run was my best pace so far! Woohoo!

Elisabeth said...

ugh, now they are updating on their own. (Nike+) I don't get it! :(