Monday, August 6, 2007

MONDAY PROGRESS: Boise Training Day 7, Denver Training Day 1!!!

Please post your progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

So Friday, like I said, I was making up for Thursday's lack of effort. I walked our longer family walk (1.1 miles) at a pace of 21'21" (we walk slower when we do those walks) and then I did an endurance test -- 1.5 hours walking! I only managed a pace of 17'57", but I walked over 5 miles!! I was so beat that I decided I needed to take Saturday off, and then Sunday I was caught up doing things outside the house and never got to my run. :( Ah well, fresh on track with today's official start date of the half marathon training wahoo!!! I did 3 miles in 45 mins and 28 seconds (15'06"!!!) My best pace so far! Denver Half Marathon, here I come!!!!!!

On the downside, I haven't been showing any kind of weight loss after 3 (4) weeks of working out steadily. It's ok, you say, I'm putting on muscle, muscle weighs more than fat, so I'm losing fat like crazy, right? So I bought a digital scale with body fat measurement. Results: After a week of checking, nothing, if anything I am gaining fat according to this thing. I guess I am going to have to start eating better. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

First - I am blown away by you and Katrin doing this. So.totally.impressed.


As far as losing weight, from everything I've read you are kinda stuck about the eating thing. Our niece was a Miss Alaska a couple of years ago and she got there by hard core dieting and working out. (It was a figures/muscles thing.) She says it is like 80% food and 20% activity to lose weight.

Of course the running will get you fit which is just as important.

Ward has lost 15 pounds in the last month and half by dieting and I'm down 7. He wants to go 20 more but I'm happy with just 3-5 more. We haven't gone crazy - just off the chips and treats and eating a lot of pita bread sandwiches. It's boring, but little changes do work.

Again though - so impressed by you guys!!!


Teddi said...

Be careful with trusting the body fat scale. At one point I had both the scale and my body fat tested by a personal trainer (more accurate) and I was seeing great results by the trainer's calculations (plus by own tape measurer measurements), but the scale kept going up and down. While the scale is good for noticing trends over longer periods of time, it's not so great about showing you short term results. It can be skewed by how much water you are drinking (or not drinking).

Your best bet is to get your body fat tested using calipers, take your measurements using a tape measure, and keep track of your weight or some combination of the above.

A change in eating habits is a good idea too if you are not already eating a healthy diet.

Elisabeth said...

Thanks cuz!

It really all boils down to calories in, calories out. A company I used to work for tracked both calories in and out, and I just walked 30-60 minutes 5 days a week and lost a bunch of weight. I don't remember adjusting my diet much. At this point, I must be taking in more calories still.

I do know that the body fat is skewed by being dehydrated, and the manual says not to weigh yourself first thing in the morning because of that. But if you start to measure yourself around the same time every day and you are taking in around the same amount of water, even if it is skewed, it should be more or less skewed the same way/amount, so you should still see some change. Thankfully at least my weight gain is stalling out, so I must be approaching the kind of calories out that I am taking in.

Elisabeth said...

Also working a little bit to skew my reads: lactation. :-S

Teddi said...

My experience is that it's just sort of random unless you are a stickler for what you are eating and drinking each and every day and what time of day you are working out and how hard you work out. You know how anal I can get about taking measurements (I'm still temping from ttc just out of curiosity) and I was just as anal about the body fat measurements.

So I was checking body fat daily on that scale and it was scary how much it could skew from one direction to the other when I was working out.