Monday, August 6, 2007

New Blog Elements

Ok, so I'm serious about posting stuff, I swear. I have all sorts of new topics to start and things that would be fun to post, but if I'm the only one posting, I really don't care to. However, as the blog admin I feel it's still my job to put up the progress posts, and to post on any admin kind of things.

So, I'd like to draw your attention to some cool little things I added to the sidebar. I have a links section. So far the only links I have put there are links to the rss feeds for the blog posts as well as the blog comments. That way your RSS reader can tell you when someone has added a comment which is particularly useful for us since most of the chatter is going on in the comments. Also, I added my Nike+ stats for my last 5 runs. I'd like all of us who have Nike+ to put theirs on there too, so contact me and I will tell you how to do it.

BTW Nike+ is a great little gadget. It's used in conjunction with your iPod, tracks all your stats for your runs, and uploads it for graphing/tracking, etc on the Nike+ website. It also talks you through your runs a little bit. It's a suped up pedometer. You're supposed to buy a Nike+ shoe to stick the little insert into, but I just stick the little doodad into my shoe, loose on top of my foot. So far that works ok. Without the shoe it's only about $30. Pretty sweet!



Beetlejuice said...

you go girlzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

fat-fit katrin said...

On behalf of all the Bunnies, I would like to thank Elisabeth for keeping the blog running. We are not quite as good as you at keeping up with the daily reports and updates. I am trying to do as much as possible. Last week I prettymuch had nothing to say. I only walked once. Felt sick part of the week and kids got home toward the end of the week. I should be back on track now.

I think it might be good if you included the training schedule and the mapping link in the useful links section.


Anonymous said...

OK, so I didn't know where to put this (new post, comment under some other post???) for a couple reasons. 1. I'm completely Blog illiterate. Posting, commenting, contributing, ah, I just don't know. Heck, I can't even log in. Yep, go ahead and chuckle, it's ok. 2. The link I'm putting here isn't about running, BUT, it is about endurance, inspiration, and a woman - thought maybe it would be a good motivator.

Anyway, check out this link,, for an amazing and inspirational story.