Monday, August 13, 2007

MONDAY PROGRESS: Boise Day 14, Denver Day 7

Please post your progress in the comments. Post Nike+ last five runs here:

Elisabeth's Last 5 Runs

How to post your Nike+ here...
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fat-fit katrin said...

So I have been kinda sliacking. I felt really ill early last week and the kids got back late last week. The result? only one walk. But today I was back on track. I walked in the neighborhood near my old house. It was pretty cool and quiet, but I started kind of late and it got too dark, so I had to finish early.

I found a walking partner. I need to know how to add her to the blog. At least now I will have someone to walk with at the race. Do I just send her e-mail address to you Elisabeth?


Elisabeth said...

Welcome back FFK! To add your partner as a contributor, email her email address to me. But again, you don't need to be a contributor to post comments. Contributors are able to create all new posts like the progress posts, or the one teddi did about the map thing. So far it's only me and teddi posting, so post something new!!! help keep us inspired! As far as my progress...

Well I put up my most recent runs on the Nike+ thing on the sidebar. But I realized that I have to keep posting a new one of those every time (it doesn't automatically update itself). So I might just start posting those here in the progress posts.

I am kicking butt run-wise. (Walk-wise). When I do intervals, I have a really good pace. but I still can't run very far/long. I'm still working on that because I do want to run at least part of this half marathon.

I decided that I would do the long Saturday run each week outside in the "real world." That way I get to train on something like what it'll be race day. Training on only the treadmill will make it kind of a shock I think. So I did 4 miles on saturday on the path around our park. Phew! The real world sucks! :)

I'll post more progress tomorrow.

PS Starting to have good days among the bad days as far as my body shape is going. Still it's not improving very quickly, so I really have to think even more about what I'm eating. :(

Elisabeth said...

By the way, I am going to look for more training buddies who are will to post by putting an ad on craigslist. It's just not worth keeping up with this blog without more people actively contributing.

Anonymous said...

As far as weight, this is only sort of related, but we just had our dog off to see an orthopedic surgeon at WA State Univ (thought he needed a new hip but he can handle what he has - long story)and one thing that came up is that it will be better for him to lost 10-15 pounds (he's 80 pounds now which would be fine if he didn't have the hip issue).

So the doc said that exercise is good to keep him fit but he has to follow a diet to lose weight. So we got a strict puppy diet - measuring his food in the morning and night and absolutely no cookies! He's on carrots and unsalted rice cakes for treats!

It looks more and more like the diet thing is critical....but you can do it cuz!!!

Love ya.........Colleen

Elisabeth said...

Calories in calories out!
So says the semi-famous cardio-thoracic surgeon I used to work for. He started the company that makes Bodygems -- devices that accurately measure your metabolism based on your oxygen consumption. They also made software that tracked diet, exercise, and weight. By the way, don't use their devices if you can help it (they use them at a lot of gyms and some hospitals) -- I lost my job there because I complained about racism in the workplace.