Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Been there, Done that, Got the T-shirt

So, Elisabeth, I wonder how our T-shirt will look. I'm thinking a bunny on the front surrounded by dust (ala that kid on the "charlie brown" comics. On the back "eat my dust bunnies" with our blog address and the members home towns listed below the title.

Hey, maybe we should get some corporate sponsors. Like some women's groups or companies by/for women. Oprah!



Elisabeth said...

Cute picture. I love the idea you mentioned. I can totally picture it. I had sketched some doodles of a rabbit running with a big cloud of dust behind it, but nothing has really jumped out at me as working yet. Maybe I'll try your idea.

Teddi said...

Cute pic Katrin!

fat-fit katrin said...

Does anyone else have an idea?