Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's all in your head

Before I started this training, my therapist, a casual & sometimes half-marathon runner, told me that running is more about the mind than the body. If you think you can run 30 minutes without stopping, you can. I'm guessing she's assuming some kind of minimum, base level of fitness.

So if it's all in your head, you better be careful where you get your inspiration!

Last week when I was helping Monica with her training, I was doing pretty well boosting her confidence and keeping her going up until the last mile or so. She had gone out there with the intention of doing minimum 6 miles, preferably 8, but I told her if she could manage 10 it would do wonders for her confidence in her ability to perform on race day. Well, she sailed through (not really) 6 and 8, no problem, so she started shooting for 10. Then all of a sudden I started mistakenly telling her we had gone only 7.75 miles, when really it was 8.75. She immediately became disappointed and discouraged and was unable to continue past 9 miles.

Back when I did my 8 mile, I wrote about the mishaps that happened at the halfway mark that made it darn near impossible for me to continue. Finish, I did, but I was pouring sweat, and barely crawling at the end. I was so discouraged it was unbelievable. I had to call in the reserves (my hubby and baby) to walk the last 3 miles with me and keep me going.

Well, today the full weight of a major discouragement fell on me within the first quarter mile: my Nike+ stopped working. The other day I had problems with it registering my movement. Then after lots of ineffectual fiddling, it magically started working again. Today, it did sort of the same thing. I lost .22 miles of my first mile. And if I pushed the button to hear my current pace it would tell me anything from 30+ minutes per mile to 12 to zero (i.e. ZERO MOVEMENT). I immediately fell into this terrible funk. Add to this that I had started much, much later than usual, my breakfast was no longer fueling me enough, the sun was beating down on me (I have a bright red forehead to show for it) and that I had the added pressure of wanting to improve my pace today (I've realized I have to shoot for a 12-minute mile if I want to reach my time goal for race day), and you can imagine that it was a really, particularly rough time. I couldn't properly calculate my run/walk intervals, since the iPod was no longer reliable, so my running became erratic, and running out of fuel, I became very tired, very quickly. I called the hubby for help before I even hit mile three. I needed more fuel.

I never really recovered. Towards the end I was so beat, both mentally and physically, that I just shuffled along slowly. The final straw was a total stranger who saw the defeat written all over my sunglassed, sunburned, sweaty face. She asked if I was getting in shape and gave me a little "Yay, good for you!" little fist pump and cheer. Ugh. That was it. I gave up a mile early. GAVE UP?? That's not me. Not the new, Eat-My-Dust me anyway. I did finish that last little bit on the treadmill at home after having a late lunch and further recovery, but none of it counts. My pace, my distance, my performance. It doesn't count. Not that I want it to. But this was my last real, major distance before race day and last chance to try the new intervals I'm working on.

So I had a bad day. I will try and get a new Nike+ gizmo and possibly write some hate mail to Nike (after all, I bought their expensive shoes thinking that they would help make my Nike+ work more consistently! PAH!) But I will continue. I will persevere. Maybe now is a good time to stop relying on the Nike+ and get the stop watch like I planned. Have I mentioned that MP3 players/iPods are not allowed at races like these? I've known it for a few weeks now, and I have been trying to figure out other ways to pace myself when the day comes. But I wanted to keep using my Nike+ to log/track my runs/performance. I was even thinking of hiding it on my person on race day just so I have a record that I did it. I've become so used to using Nike+ at this point, if it doesn't get recorded by Nike+, I didn't do it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's your power song?

I have two and go back and forth right now...

Pump it -- The Black Eyed Peas
Gotto get through this -- Daniel Beddingfield

FYI, I don't know if your reading the older (but still current) posts, but progress is still being updated in the progress posts, and I just received my bunny tees, so I commented about that in the tee post.

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Shoes!

I bought these puppies on Saturday and used them for yesterday's run. They, plus some inserts, are supposed to compensate for my ultra flat flippers. I couldn't really tell if they helped in that regard, but they were definitely comfy and cushy. They also are Nike+ shoes, so they have a little hole to insert my Nike+ doodad in. No more cheapo Nike+ hack, doing it for reals now.

What do your shoes look like?

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 9, Denver Week 8

Please post your progress in the comments.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Buy a Bunny Shirt and show your support!

We now have a Cafe Press store! We have several items available at cost to our supporters who want to show up and wear Bunny gear on race day! Go Bunnies!

EDIT: Be warned the ladies' tees run a tad large. Recommended you buy a size down unless you want bagginess.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh no! I'm sick again!

So the cold is moving into my chest. Not looking good for my run tomorrow morning. I may just walk it slowly. It will take forever which means I have to get up crazy early (to be done before G leaves for work), but I don't want to lose the work I've put in so far. We'll see wha'happens.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is what I wish our blog was...

Maybe if we keep this blog going after the marathons are over... Maybe if we keep training, maybe if we encourage other contributors to join (and contribute)... Maybe, maybe, maybe this blog can be how I envisioned it: A record of our training and success, a place to come together to vent and give each other moral support, a place to post tidbits of information, inspiration, training/technique advice, and fun little things to blow off some newbie runner steam. Maybe.

In the meantime, I found a blog that is all of those things, maybe more, and it's just one guy doing the posting! And whaddya know? He's also a first-timer for the Denver Half Marathon on October 14th! (Though he has run several smaller races like the Bolder Boulder.) His blog is my new favorite blog to read. Maybe at some point I will stop lurking and introduce myself and our little blog. And maybe not. I mean, what do I say? That me and my sister call ourselves the Eat-My-Dust Bunnies, and we aren't even training for the same marathon, or that we a failed GROUP, though we ourselves are not failures?

Maybe he'll see that I have linked to his blog and he'll come and introduce himself to us. :) Hi Vanilla! Welcome!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Running Form

Check out this article on good form. Good to know!

Make the Final Commitment!

So, I have been meaning to make the commitment since Day 1 of the training and register for the Denver Half Marathon. I thought it would be symbolic and a good expression of my motivation to do this. However, I kept forgetting. I finally just registered this morning, and UGH! I guess I should have signed up before. The price shoots WAY up for those of us that wait. I ended up paying like 100 bucks! Yikes! Ah well, no way I am not doing it. It would have to be more like $200 or more to make me think about not doing it now. But now is the time for you other runners to make your commitment and pre-register! You don't want to show up to register on race day and find out they have run out of registration spots!

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 8, Denver Week 7

Please post your progress in the comments.

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