Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 6, Denver Week 5

Please post your progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

Having a harder time getting these runs in while the babe is napping, etc.. They are too long! As a result, I have missed one, cut one short, and finished/done a couple outside with a baby carriage (=slow). So I am not training at the level I'd like. Going to try and wake up EARLY tomorrow to get my 3-mile in before G leaves for work. We'll see.

I have over 80 miles logged in with Nike+ so far! Too bad I didn't use it from the start, it'd be fun to see how much I have done since I started pre-training and everything.

Yesterday my sister JoAnn said she could see I was losing weight. FINALLY! Although the scales still say I am the same (weight & fat%). Go figure.

I was also a complete waste after my workout on Saturday FFK. It's kind of like -- as the workouts become longer -- you almost have to do this as a career cuz you can't do anything else on the days you do longer walks/runs!

fat-fit katrin said...

congrats on the 80 miles, E. I haven't logged on to download my last couple of walks, so I don't know what my total is.

I am having a really hard time exercising since school started. I may end up skipping one workout per week. Bret is going to try to rearrange his schedule to help me out. I finally decided the only way to get a good walk was to take the kids with me.

We walked to a friends house together today (Bear on a scooter, Annika walking next to me). She had the iPod, so she had to keep up so that my steps would register. lol.

I ended up walking back by myself, because they were wasted after 3 miles. So I walked them to Bret's house. He drove them home. Their bikes are at his house, so I may let them ride home next time and then reverse the order the time after that. I'll have to get more creative as the distance increases.

I feel much healthier, but my clothes fit pretty similarly. My appetite is increasing faster than my walks, I think. That may be half of my problem.


Anonymous said...

I am sitting here in my pajamas absolutely freaking out over both of you. Look at you write about walking 10 and 11 miles!! That is so cool.

I'm totally impressed.

Katrin do you remember skipping/running in front of your house in FL singing "Off to see the Wizard?" I have no idea why I just remembered that (why would I remember that of all things?) but we went on forever that night. I don't think we ever got tired. (E you would have been like 2 back then!)

I think it's great that you are out there again.


fat-fit katrin said...

C, you should join us. find a 1/2 marathon in your area, log onto the training schedule and just get started.

E, I have finally decided that I will do one short and one medium walk every week, then the long walk on saturday. that is a much more doable schedule. How's the babe after the tumble?

bunnies, The 11 miles was sooooo hard. I took a long bath afterward. My feet hurt, my quads hurt, my head hurt. pretty much my whole body is rebelling against the long walks. I can't wait until we can start going back down again. That's just 2 weeks away for me. It has gotten much easier for me since Christine started joining me for the longer ones. Plus watching movies during the walk really helps to distract me from the pain. I love the Y.

It will feel wierd when the 1/2 M is over. I will have to start doing more active things to keep the shape I am gaining.


Elisabeth said...

I did the 10 mile today! WAHOO!!! I have never felt better! My joints were screaming, but I actually faired better than after the 6 and 8 miles. (I even went shopping at the mall afterwards). And I completed it with my best average pace EVER! I am so flipping proud of myself, I feel like I have already pretty much accomplished my goal. More details tomorrow.



Elisabeth said...

PS R is fine. I think it affected G more than it affected him. He was pretty freaked out and felt really guilty. BTW did the flashlight in the dark pupil test -- one of the funniest things i have seen. Every time we turned the little light on, his eyes would grow big with wonder and follow it around everywhere like it was some gleaming treasure with angels singing its glory. Need video of it. We couldn't stop laughing.