Monday, September 24, 2007

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 9, Denver Week 8

Please post your progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

I was SSOOOOOO proud of myself at the end of yesterday's run that I surprised myself by getting all teary as I hugged George and yelled "I did it!" 12 miles is so close to the half marathon! I didn't expect to feel this good about myself with just training. It's amazing. I thought I'd work and work and work, and then accomplish the half marathon and THEN feel good about myself. But no! I've been feeling really great. I'm no longer Elisabeth, the lazy flake who doesn't finish/accomplish anything. I am now Elisabeth, who sets herself a great goal and never stops till she achieves it!

And -- I may be addicted to long runs. Not only do I havethis huge feeling of accomplishment every time, but I always gave a "skinny day" the next day. :)

I also felt good because I helped my friend Monica, another would-be bunny, start to actually train instead of "train" like she's been doing. She's been flaking out of training a lot and the most she had gone was 4 miles. I got her to go 9! :) She was proud of herself, and I was happy to help her. Now she thinks she can do it I think and before she was really unsure.

But boy are my muscles sore today! So far I've only really been sore after the 10-12 miles walk/runs.

I didn't do as great for pace, but I was still recovering from my cold and I was doing the first 9 miles with Monica who wasn't used to walking as fast as I do. I think I still did pretty ok. And I think I can finally start really training again at my previous level (before my cold) so yay!

Teddi said...

Yay!! Go Elisabeth!!

Vanilla said...

Great job on the 12 miler. That's the longest that I've run so far too, but I've got a 14 miler scheduled for this Saturday. I'm looking forward to it.

Elisabeth said...

Thanks for the support guys. Go me! Good luck on the 14 V! 12 was my longest one for training. It's all downhill now till race day.