Friday, September 21, 2007

Buy a Bunny Shirt and show your support!

We now have a Cafe Press store! We have several items available at cost to our supporters who want to show up and wear Bunny gear on race day! Go Bunnies!

EDIT: Be warned the ladies' tees run a tad large. Recommended you buy a size down unless you want bagginess.


Elisabeth said...

So for now they are at cost. If we want to start raising some money for something later, I suppose we could make a profit. Also, I sent referrals to some of you for discounts when I made my purchase. Be good to fellow Bunnies & supporters and send those referral discounts on to them too!

fat-fit katrin said...

got a tank and t-shirt! I registered for my race. No where near $100. I am thankful for that.

I think it would be fun to make money toward our net race. But would that mean we would have to pay more ofr our own shirts too?

trying to arrange my trip to coincide with the denver marathon. It woud be so fun to stand on the sidelines and cheer you ladies on wearing a bunnies shirt! well see.


Elisabeth said...

I could probably set up a separate shop for us to buy our own, and one for us to raise money. I feel so good about myself, I kind of feel like this is maybe a good thing to encourage other women to do.

If you cam to the Denver race, Yay that would be soooo fun! Are you excited about your race? Do you have lots of supporters to cheer for you? Make sure someone is there taking pictures for you to post and us to see!

Elisabeth said...

I got my shirts. Be warned, the Tees (even the women's ones) run large. I suggest going a size smaller than the size chart recommends. The tank fits fine with the recommended size. A little short for me, but I'm busty & belly-licious. Otherwise they look great! We're all official now! :) Not sure what I will do with the tees. Should I try and return them and get the smaller size? Should I cut em up and reconstruct them? Should I try and shrink them?

fat-fit katrin said...

ok, just a thought, but I would like a visor or ladyish baseball cap with our logo. that would be cool. Maybe we could sell a full line of Bunny gear. wrist sweat bands, head bands, bandannas...maybe even shorts with the Bunnies logo on the butt!

fat-fit katrin said...

Elisabeth, you could always give them to larger people for xmas!