Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Masthead/Logo/T-shirt

So what do you think?


fat-fit katrin said...

love it. i need mine by october 7, adult small. will our log address be on the back? how much do we owe you for the t's? Christine will need one by then too. I'll ask her about size.

Elisabeth said...

Crud. I didn't make the file big enough, so I have to re-create it for the t-shirt. I was planning on getting it through cafe press and you can order directly. I will try to get this done over the weekend (a lot going on tomorrow) so you can get them asap (good for training too!). Christine is still in? She hasn't posted anything! Supposedly Monica is in, but she hasn't been very gung ho at all. And she doesn't seem interested in participating in this whole bunny thing, then again no one else but you does!

Elisabeth said...

ok, so I decided to stay up late and do it now. I ended up just scaling up the existing image. Hopefully there isn't noticeable quality loss. Anyway, so now you can buy direct, no worries about getting shirts through me. BTW - most of the shirts are in women's sizes. Only one is like a guy's/adult's T.