Monday, September 10, 2007

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 7, Denver Week 6

Please post your progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

Man! Running/walking 10 miles was a huge thing for me. A HUGE HUGE thing. Regin & George were there to cheer for me at the end, and I really felt like I had pretty much already accomplished my half marathon goal. Funny how 8 miles didn't seem all that close to the goal, but 10 miles felt like I'd pretty much done it. Now I'm SURE I can do it. I was pumped all day on Sunday (I do the Saturday runs on Sundays). And I did my fastest pace to boot! I'm still so pumped by my success that the last three runs in a row have been new records for me for my pace. I'm now, as of tonight, down to a 13 minute mile. Today's was on the treadmill, so I don't know if that's a pace I can hold as easily on the road. We'll see on Sunday! Also, I completed 100 miles on Nike+. Check it out, I even got a certificate! By the way, my current run/walk pattern is... I walk the first mile at a good, quick pace, then after that I walk .35 miles, run .15 miles. It's perfect! Short little running bursts that keep my pace quick and don't tucker me out too fast.

On top of all this goodness, I am having a particularly thin day today. I told Monica that and pointed to the looseness of my shirt around my waist as well as the extra give not previously seen in my pant leg. And I told her I thought I could see it in my neck too. And she said, "Oh I can see it EVERYWHERE!" :) WAAAAHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

FFK -- what the heck are we going to do after training ends? If we stop this level of working out, we are going to BALLOON UP!

Elisabeth said...

I had to skip the last 4 mile run this week because I'm sick with a cold. Tomorrow morning I do my 11 mile. I know I could otherwise do it, so I really Really hope this cold doesn't stop me. :( Darn George for getting me sick!

fat-fit katrin said...

I was supposed to do the 12 miler yesterday, but kept hurting, so I ended up quitting t 11 miles. I feel I still di "OK". Man it hurt. I think my period is coming up. I hope next week is better. fortunately it is only a 9 miler.

e-I say we continue 3x/week at a 6 miler or something. Maybe we should find another run for the spring to keep us from getting too fat and loose. lol.