Monday, November 26, 2007

Revving up for the new year with a challenge!

Shall we start our new year's resolutions early? I'm trying to get back into training again now, but I need a goal or a challenge. I meant to post last week and propose a friendly Thanksgiving to New Year's competition. Since it's kind of late for that, how bout a December challenge? Most number of miles walked or run from day 1 through day 31. Minimum speed would be 3mph or a 20-minute mile. Not sure what we do for the winner. Maybe we can all pool a couple of bucks for a little something? If we all lived here, I'd say winner gets lunch on everyone else.

By the way, I've noticed that it's much easier for me to run longer stretches now. I wonder if I was training too hard for the half marathon!

How is everyone else doing? I'm thinking of doing a 5k. There are a couple of holiday themed fun runs coming up. Anyone else doing one?

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

More pictures from the Denver Marathon

So I found these with a little more searching. Unfortunately, Amanda, I still haven't found any of you, did you see any on the site?

1 2 3 4 5

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to the old grindstone

Well, I logged 4.5 miles today. It felt kinda good to get back to the game. I am having more trouble staying motivated. I will have to get Christine to work with me again. I have recruited at least one or two additional bunnies for the next race. I haven't found one for the fall or winter. It looks like early spring at best. I will just have to do fun-runs in the mean time. I am seriously considering training for a triathlon next. Any takers?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Official Pictures of the Denver Marathon are in!

Here are mine. I will edit the post later when I find Monica & Amanda's or any more of me in the lost & found. Or if you guys have already found yours, post them!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Denver Bunnies Photo Recap

I have to say that as a spectator I was so impressed with Elisabeth and Monica. Not only did they train hard for this day, but they also completed a race in crazy weather and beat the 3 hr mark goal they had set for themselves.

George, Regin, Stacey, Jeff, and I mapped out our spectator course and decided to cheer the bunnies on from the 4, 9, and a little after the 12 mile markers as well as the finish line. I think Regin and I were the warmest of the group probably because we were bundled up and had umbrellas keeping us dry. I mapped out how much I walked on Sunday and it ended up being about 3.85 miles.

It was really cool to see participants of all types. I came away with the belief that I have no excuse for not doing it. We saw people in wheelchairs as well as an individual with a stroller in front of them and in the stroller was some breathing equipment (oxygen tanks, etc.). Whoa! No excuses.

George mentioned that he was going to train to do a 5k with Elisabeth and I was inspired to train for one as well. I found some, but that's for a future post. Here are some of the images of Elisabeth and Monica from their 1/2 marathon on Sunday! Click the images to see them larger.

Monday, October 15, 2007


My official time is in. 2 hours, 58 minutes, 22 seconds. Just a smidge shy of the maximum time I gave myself to finish this race. Phew! I made it!

I've had a little time now to relax, recuperate, and reflect on my big day so I could recount it all for you. What a day! I've been asked how I feel. Yesterday I was so numb, post race, that I wasn't sure how I felt. Proud? sure. Excited? I think so. Triumphant? sort of. Cold? oh my gosh you have no idea.

Turns out, all my weather fears were right on. I tried to prepare. I tried to buy all the right running-wear that one should wear in wet and cold weather, but the sales guy kept downplaying my fears and talked me down a couple notches of what my gut told me I needed. I should have listened to my gut. Always listen to your gut! It was probably just about the worst possible weather for running a long-distance race. (Aside from heat and humidity, apparently). It was painful. Low 40s, continuous rain, light wind (with a couple of gusts). Definite hypothermia conditions; a cold that reaches so deep, it grabs it's icy, stinging fingers around the core of each limb and pulls against your every step. I was so thoroughly soaked with this frigid rain that the only dry stitch on my body was a patch of my underwear which I was truly amazed to find, after the race was all over and done with. The rest of my clothes were drenched. Monica underscored this at lunch afterwards, when she took her thin, thin headband and wrung out an unbelievable amount of water. It was sloshing around in our shoes, it was dripping off our hair. It was piercing our legs. It hurt. But I mostly didn't feel it. If not for Monica reminding me of it, I wouldn't have thought about it much at all. At least, not in the beginning.

I was also asked about all the great sights of downtown Denver that we passed. I didn't notice any of it. I was slightly aware when we shifted from city streets to park, how long we were in the park, and then the shift back again. Other than that, I had no idea that there was anything beyond the street under my feet and a few cheering spectators at the side. All I felt, all I saw, all I heard was the walking and the running.

When we started the race I had a lot of energy. I expected to be super hyped up from the excitement of the crowd. But I was so nervous from our frantic rush to get ready in the morning and everything, that I didn't get to soak it in much. But you wouldn't believe the number of people. I called fellow Bunny, Amanda, on her cell so we could start the race together, her, Monica, and I. She said she was at the corner of a particular pair of streets, so was I. She was standing right under the sign, so was I. She asked me to jump up and down (Monica did), and we couldn't see each other. I told her I was actually standing up on the sidewalk of the corner, so she came a little closer and we managed to find each other a few minutes before the beginning of the race. It was so packed with people! Monica and I had bunny shirts, but you couldn't tell because of all of the layers we were wearing. But we Bunnies started together, Amanda and I wished each other luck and then she was off. She was going to try and run the whole thing. WAY TO GO AMANDA! We walked a crazy pace, and we did intervals of running. Our running pace was too fast for the other runners around us and we easily passed anyone near us, but our walking pace, though fast for us, was slower than the speed walkers. So though we passed them up several times with our runs, they each eventually left us in their dust, or 'mud', as Monica and I joked.

Our pace was strong in the beginning, but difficult. And it wasn't until the 3 mile marker that the crowd thinned out enough for us to see how far along we were. I kept thinking, oh no, we're still on the first mile! This is going to be impossible! And then the ball of positivity that Monica is with this stuff certainly didn't move me on more in the beginning. She complained about the cold, the speed, the difficulty of the runs, the growing blisters on her ankles.* Eventually she warmed up and got her groove. I think, in the beginning, she did slow me down slightly. I could have left her a couple of times. But I'm so glad I didn't. We first saw our cheering section at the 4 mile marker. As we walked past them, I was making goofy faces for Teddi's camera and blowing kisses to my little boy.

Our initial pace proved to be a bit too difficult. I shortened up the intervals, and we seemed to do better. I was strong at mile 9 when we saw our crew again. But we were running, and they were supposed to give us Monica's rain poncho and me my bottle of Recharge, but they didn't hold it out for us, so I ran towards them screaming, "Give me the bottle!!!!!!" and ran off. Then, around 10 miles I began to feel disheartened. I had forgotten to take my ibuprofen, so my problem SI (back-pelvis) joints started to seize up. The cold was finally getting to me, and I really began to feel the pain of those runs. I felt like a cartoon character who was slowly freezing as I was moving, and I was sure I'd have an icicle growing from my nose soon. Also, I was just coming back from my terrible sugar headache that had resulted from eating a Cliff bar and drinking the nasty Gatorade that they'd had available. I think I must have also been going through a sugar crash too. Finally, just as a run interval was due to begin, we were made to stop and wait for traffic. It was the only time in the entire race we were made to do this. Usually the cops were REALLY good at sending cars through the small gaps in runners, but this cop just let a long stream of cars through. We cooled way off and I lost my momentum. For Monica, I suspect it may have been a welcome break, since she seemed to be energized at this point. For me, it was almost impossible to go on. The run after that was nearly unmanageable.

Monica kept me going. She carried my bottle through the last several runs, and encouraged me to keep running. We shortened the intervals further. The 11 and 12 mile markers were so long in coming. The strain of the seemingly constant, Escher-esque, uphill loop we were running was growing. Any hint of downhill didn't come till mile 12. When the 13 finally came I couldn't believe the end was finally there, in sight. Monica and I ran to the finish line from the 13-mile marker. I threw my arms in the air and screamed. I think it was as much from relief as from triumph. Although I had been thinking of this day as the most important day (after Regin's birth, my wedding, and my graduation) of my life so far, honestly, my 12-mile training run felt much more triumphant. It was a gorgeous day, I was pumped, I felt amazing. I charged towards the end of it. I was overcome with emotion. Not only was I really going to achieve this goal I'd set myself, but I had really, really stuck to the difficult training program, and that was almost the bigger success. My hubby and boy were there for me to throw my arms around at the end. It was a great moment. The end of the half marathon was not quite as spectacular in some ways. I was numb, I was in pain, I was hobbling and stiff. My great supporters were also sluggish with cold and weary from walking from point to point. But it felt so amazing to hold my little boy, with my medal around my neck. I kissed him and told him that he was there the day his Mamma did it. He's too young to be proud now, but I hope he will be proud years from now, when we show him pictures from this day. That feels good. But you know what makes me feel really good? That I affected your guys' lives and gave you all these potentially life-changing events. I am really proud that I convinced a few ordinary gals, who had not ever thought of doing this, to realize their strength and go for something really amazing.

And I have to take a moment to tell you all about my AMAZING friends. They are unbelievable. They are the best supporters anyone could hope for. They showed up, without me asking, on this MOST MISERABLE of MISERABLE days, between 7 and 8 am, and stood and walked around in these frigid temps for about 4 hours! It was so, so, so, so incredible to have them there at the 4, 9, 12, and 13.1-mile marks, cheering us on, and hugging us at the end. Stacey told me she'd had it on her calendar, long before I'd even thought about who might be there. She brought her boyfriend who was a really great sport and was there to support two girls that he was only just meeting for the second time on a freezing Sunday, early in the morning! Teddi, probably the best dressed of all of us, who is now, what, four months pregnant? walked like 3.5 miles, when it was all added up, so that she could be there and cheer us on at all those check points. George, who seems to be infinitely supportive, was in his usual, amazing form. And Monica, whom I could have left earlier in the race, kept me going in the end, and refused to leave me when she had the energy I no longer had. She actually slowed down to stay with me and help me through.

Katrin said that it was a real athlete who would tough it out through weather like this. Well, it is a real friend, and a real supporter who will not only show up that day, but show up that early, and stay through all that weather, and still greet me with huge smiles and hugs at the end of it all. Thank you so much guys. Having you in my life is such a great gift.

Another really cool thing to experience about a race like this is the camaraderie. There was a definite feeling of belonging to a kind of fraternity. At places where two sides of the course swept next to each other, runners going were cheering on the runners coming and telling us how great we were doing even while they were doing it themselves. After the race, medaled runners were walking around downtown Denver, congratulating each other and patting each other on the back for doing such a great job (no matter what the finishing time was.) And spectators who had never seen us before were cheering us on the whole way. Some of them were shivering on lawn chairs in front of their houses ringing cow bells, some of them left a pitcher of juice and a stack of cups out for us, some of them had music blasting from boom boxes and car stereos, and blaring from living room windows (the "Eye of the Tiger" seemed to be a popular choice). All along the way there were people telling us we were doing great and to keep pushing through. I often talk about how much I hate people and how much people bug me, this is one of those times when I realize how much I really love people.

How do I feel after the race? Physically? Initially, I had trouble getting around. I was so cold, and so stiff from frozen SI joints, I hobbled for a while. It took several hours before the chill finally left my blood, even after I'd changed out of my drenched clothes. I was wiped out the rest of the day. The day after, all I wanted was sleep and rest. I'm still so sore that I dread the thought of having to go up or down the stairs one more time. But the excitement of what I have achieved has grown. I am really proud. And that medal I earned will now be one of the top things to grab in a house fire.

It's oddly like my experience of birth. It was painful, and I went numb, and disconnected from my experience to the extent that I was sort of in a kind of distant shock at the end. It was long, exhausting, and seemingly unbearable, but it finally ended. I knew I should have felt elated, charged, on a high, but I felt foggy. After the aftershock of pain left me, I began to feel all those great feelings you're supposed to have. The biggest difference between this and birth (other than the whole, obvious, baby aspect) is that I know I did this myself. I was in charge. I controlled my pace. I was the master of my experience. And I was solely responsible for my success. That's a pretty cool thing.

*Monica really wasn't being whiny. She had terrible blisters around both ankles, which were bloody by the end of the race. The next day, both ankles are swollen, and she is just now starting to notice the pain of sore muscles as the pain of her ankles is starting to wear down. Poor girl! She says the cold took the pain away through most of the walks, but she felt it screaming again each time we ran (every 3 minutes). Ugh!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Bear and Annika Rock!

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Details later. I am so tired it's exhausting to even type. Go Bunnies!

Future Training

Well, we decided to keep it simple for now. The entire fam damily is doing a relay race at the end of November. The Turkey Trot. Each memeber does 2 miles. You need 4 members. Bret will start us off; then he will run 2 with Annika; 2 with Bear; and finish with me at the anchor. Bret wants to do the entire thing. He doesn't even get warmed up until he has done at least 4 or 5 miles. A 6 miler is a regular training event for him.

Oh, and both my kids are doing the Harrison Kids Classic today! It is a One-miler through Harrison Boulevard (the prettiest part of town.) Annika (11) is excited, Bear (7) is dreading it. This is his first race. Annika did the Harrison when she was 6. Omma would be so proud! Annika will be wearing my Bunny Tank! Go Dust Bunnies!

Bunnies Rock!!!!!

This is the sign of a true athlete. We had perfect weather conditions, but you guys have to brave the elements like never before. I am soooo proud of you.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nervous, Cold, & Wet

It's pouring rain. It's freezing cold. I've done my best today to not do anything so as to conserve energy for tomorrow, but I had to do something with my nervous energy, so I made a couple of huge batches of baby food, and did some laundry, before settling down to knit in front of the tv.
I'm nervous. Not about doing well. I don't know what I'm nervous about, but I am. Monica is all negativity and dread. She hasn't been excited about this at all. Sometimes I am not quite sure why she decided to do this. But I do hope she feels really proud of herself at the end. I know I will. Amanda tried to post something earlier, but wasn't able to, so I'm putting up email between her and me now.



Wow, this pretty much sucks. I've run in rain before, but not when it's so cold outside. I'm not sure what to wear? Probably a rain coat wouldn't be a bad idea. I don't really have one, so I may have to go get one too! Well, on the bright side, we'll have a much better story to tell.

I tried to post this on the blog but I for some reason I couldn't remember my password. I guess I made it too complicated. Do you guys want to try to meed before the race? I'm not sure how many people are running, but I'd like to try to find you guys so all the bunnies can start together wearing our shirts that will be covered up by rain coats :(

Also, are you having George go to a certain place to cheer you on, or just the finishline. I'm not sure where I should plant Josh.

I'm definately excited to run even though the weather might suck! I can't believe it's finally here! I don't have your cell phone #, but if you want, you can give me a call so we can figure out the details. Thanks!


George and a couple other people have some potential spots in mind but I don't think they've decided for sure.
Let's definitely try and connect. We're all going to try and be down there at 7 tomorrow. Argh! I am so nervous! And I sooooooo hope the rain is mostly done tomorrow. I bought some schmancy running gear that's supposed to wick and keep me protected from the weather. we'll see. I think a true raincoat would just make me sweat more. But maybe I should have George hold on to it just in case, and I can grab it from him when I see him.

I'll put this on the blog. You do need to sign in to create a new post, but you could have put this in the comments without signing in.

In case we don't connect, good luck girlie! GO BUNNIES!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunday's Going to be a Challenge

Well, we know that already, right? It's a half marathon for goodness sake. It's supposed to be challenging, otherwise why bother? But is it supposed to be this challenging? The current weather predicted is FUH-reezing cold, and RAIN. Monica and I were just discussing yesterday that rain would be the absolute worst. Snow we could deal with, wind would be miserable, but cold rain would be just about unmanageable. And guess what? A high of 51 and rain! So it's actually going to be in the 40s during race time. Great. A couple of days ago they were predicting a high of 60, with a slight chance of drizzles, then it was 58, now 51 and rain! So we're off to get appropriate gear tonight. I doubt anyone will even get to see my cute bunny shirt that's all clean and ready to go. Next time we need bunny ponchos. :)

Oh, and being that this is an all girls challenge, I thought this might be appropriate since some of us will undoubtedly be facing this issue: racing through menstruation. Bah bah bah buhhmmmmmmm (Beethoven's 5th with sound effects of thunderclaps). I was going to summarize everything that's written in these articles, but I don't have time. I have to go buy cold/wet-weather running clothes and pick up my packet. Oh and I still have to walk 2 miles today. Anyway, I will leave you with a few links if you are facing the unfortunate girly issue of issues. The gist: suck it up. There are supposedly worse times in your cycle to run (energy-wise). Monica refuses to believe me, but that's what the experts claim!

Monday, October 8, 2007

Make sure you have your own source of energy drinks!

This from, be careful if we have a hot day on Sunday! Someone died in the Chicago marathon yesterday. Lots more were hospitalized. It was 88 degrees and there were shortages of water & energy drinks along the route.

Weekly Progress: Boise RACE COMPLETED, Denver FINAL WEEK

Please post your progress in the comments.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Katrin and Christine's Half Marathon

I Did It!!

Well, today was the day of the Boise race. Christine and I completed the "City of Trees" 1/2 marathon. I was so energized and high throughout the whole thing that we ended up completing it in record time. We both expected to be in the 4 hour range, but we actually completed it in 3:34:26. Yeah us!!! I feel great. My legs are tired, my feet hurt, but my upper body and brain are totally ready for a party. I am soooooo proud of this accomplishment.

So we had a police escort for much of the race. He was in charge of escorting the rear of the race. LOL. He spoke with us throughout the race. He would go ahead to the next intersection, and wait, cheer us on, then go to the next one. Bret had to take Bear to the Emergency room because Bear sprained his foot last night. But Annika and Christine's family started cheering us on about half way through the race. They met us at about 6 spots on the race course and yelled out "go dust bunnies!" They also refilled our water bottles an provided us with protein/energy bars.

About 2 miles shy of the finish line, we finally passed two other walkers and then three more at about 1/2 mile. The last person we passed was a runner (full marathoner) who was getting overly tired. As soon as we passed her, she got re-energized and passed us up again. At the last intersection, we started running. We ran through the finish line with a bunch of people cheering. Wahoo! At least we weren't last.

Your turn!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's all in your head

Before I started this training, my therapist, a casual & sometimes half-marathon runner, told me that running is more about the mind than the body. If you think you can run 30 minutes without stopping, you can. I'm guessing she's assuming some kind of minimum, base level of fitness.

So if it's all in your head, you better be careful where you get your inspiration!

Last week when I was helping Monica with her training, I was doing pretty well boosting her confidence and keeping her going up until the last mile or so. She had gone out there with the intention of doing minimum 6 miles, preferably 8, but I told her if she could manage 10 it would do wonders for her confidence in her ability to perform on race day. Well, she sailed through (not really) 6 and 8, no problem, so she started shooting for 10. Then all of a sudden I started mistakenly telling her we had gone only 7.75 miles, when really it was 8.75. She immediately became disappointed and discouraged and was unable to continue past 9 miles.

Back when I did my 8 mile, I wrote about the mishaps that happened at the halfway mark that made it darn near impossible for me to continue. Finish, I did, but I was pouring sweat, and barely crawling at the end. I was so discouraged it was unbelievable. I had to call in the reserves (my hubby and baby) to walk the last 3 miles with me and keep me going.

Well, today the full weight of a major discouragement fell on me within the first quarter mile: my Nike+ stopped working. The other day I had problems with it registering my movement. Then after lots of ineffectual fiddling, it magically started working again. Today, it did sort of the same thing. I lost .22 miles of my first mile. And if I pushed the button to hear my current pace it would tell me anything from 30+ minutes per mile to 12 to zero (i.e. ZERO MOVEMENT). I immediately fell into this terrible funk. Add to this that I had started much, much later than usual, my breakfast was no longer fueling me enough, the sun was beating down on me (I have a bright red forehead to show for it) and that I had the added pressure of wanting to improve my pace today (I've realized I have to shoot for a 12-minute mile if I want to reach my time goal for race day), and you can imagine that it was a really, particularly rough time. I couldn't properly calculate my run/walk intervals, since the iPod was no longer reliable, so my running became erratic, and running out of fuel, I became very tired, very quickly. I called the hubby for help before I even hit mile three. I needed more fuel.

I never really recovered. Towards the end I was so beat, both mentally and physically, that I just shuffled along slowly. The final straw was a total stranger who saw the defeat written all over my sunglassed, sunburned, sweaty face. She asked if I was getting in shape and gave me a little "Yay, good for you!" little fist pump and cheer. Ugh. That was it. I gave up a mile early. GAVE UP?? That's not me. Not the new, Eat-My-Dust me anyway. I did finish that last little bit on the treadmill at home after having a late lunch and further recovery, but none of it counts. My pace, my distance, my performance. It doesn't count. Not that I want it to. But this was my last real, major distance before race day and last chance to try the new intervals I'm working on.

So I had a bad day. I will try and get a new Nike+ gizmo and possibly write some hate mail to Nike (after all, I bought their expensive shoes thinking that they would help make my Nike+ work more consistently! PAH!) But I will continue. I will persevere. Maybe now is a good time to stop relying on the Nike+ and get the stop watch like I planned. Have I mentioned that MP3 players/iPods are not allowed at races like these? I've known it for a few weeks now, and I have been trying to figure out other ways to pace myself when the day comes. But I wanted to keep using my Nike+ to log/track my runs/performance. I was even thinking of hiding it on my person on race day just so I have a record that I did it. I've become so used to using Nike+ at this point, if it doesn't get recorded by Nike+, I didn't do it.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

What's your power song?

I have two and go back and forth right now...

Pump it -- The Black Eyed Peas
Gotto get through this -- Daniel Beddingfield

FYI, I don't know if your reading the older (but still current) posts, but progress is still being updated in the progress posts, and I just received my bunny tees, so I commented about that in the tee post.

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Shoes!

I bought these puppies on Saturday and used them for yesterday's run. They, plus some inserts, are supposed to compensate for my ultra flat flippers. I couldn't really tell if they helped in that regard, but they were definitely comfy and cushy. They also are Nike+ shoes, so they have a little hole to insert my Nike+ doodad in. No more cheapo Nike+ hack, doing it for reals now.

What do your shoes look like?

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 9, Denver Week 8

Please post your progress in the comments.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Buy a Bunny Shirt and show your support!

We now have a Cafe Press store! We have several items available at cost to our supporters who want to show up and wear Bunny gear on race day! Go Bunnies!

EDIT: Be warned the ladies' tees run a tad large. Recommended you buy a size down unless you want bagginess.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh no! I'm sick again!

So the cold is moving into my chest. Not looking good for my run tomorrow morning. I may just walk it slowly. It will take forever which means I have to get up crazy early (to be done before G leaves for work), but I don't want to lose the work I've put in so far. We'll see wha'happens.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is what I wish our blog was...

Maybe if we keep this blog going after the marathons are over... Maybe if we keep training, maybe if we encourage other contributors to join (and contribute)... Maybe, maybe, maybe this blog can be how I envisioned it: A record of our training and success, a place to come together to vent and give each other moral support, a place to post tidbits of information, inspiration, training/technique advice, and fun little things to blow off some newbie runner steam. Maybe.

In the meantime, I found a blog that is all of those things, maybe more, and it's just one guy doing the posting! And whaddya know? He's also a first-timer for the Denver Half Marathon on October 14th! (Though he has run several smaller races like the Bolder Boulder.) His blog is my new favorite blog to read. Maybe at some point I will stop lurking and introduce myself and our little blog. And maybe not. I mean, what do I say? That me and my sister call ourselves the Eat-My-Dust Bunnies, and we aren't even training for the same marathon, or that we a failed GROUP, though we ourselves are not failures?

Maybe he'll see that I have linked to his blog and he'll come and introduce himself to us. :) Hi Vanilla! Welcome!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Running Form

Check out this article on good form. Good to know!

Make the Final Commitment!

So, I have been meaning to make the commitment since Day 1 of the training and register for the Denver Half Marathon. I thought it would be symbolic and a good expression of my motivation to do this. However, I kept forgetting. I finally just registered this morning, and UGH! I guess I should have signed up before. The price shoots WAY up for those of us that wait. I ended up paying like 100 bucks! Yikes! Ah well, no way I am not doing it. It would have to be more like $200 or more to make me think about not doing it now. But now is the time for you other runners to make your commitment and pre-register! You don't want to show up to register on race day and find out they have run out of registration spots!

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 8, Denver Week 7

Please post your progress in the comments.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Saturday, August 25, 2007

THURSDAY PROGRESS: Boise Day 24, Denver Day 17

Please post your progress in the comments.
Sorry for my repeated tardiness!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Been there, Done that, Got the T-shirt

So, Elisabeth, I wonder how our T-shirt will look. I'm thinking a bunny on the front surrounded by dust (ala that kid on the "charlie brown" comics. On the back "eat my dust bunnies" with our blog address and the members home towns listed below the title.

Hey, maybe we should get some corporate sponsors. Like some women's groups or companies by/for women. Oprah!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Something Else We Could Be Training For!

Found this on Sk*rt. A 100 meter race in high heels! Check out the video!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Friday, August 17, 2007

THURSDAY PROGRESS: Boise Day 17, Denver Day 10

Oops! Forgot to put this up yesterday. Please post your Nike+ here, or your written progress in the comments.

Monday, August 13, 2007

MONDAY PROGRESS: Boise Day 14, Denver Day 7

Please post your progress in the comments. Post Nike+ last five runs here:

Elisabeth's Last 5 Runs

How to post your Nike+ here...
-Go to your Nike+ account, go to "My Runs" then "runs". Then go to "runs options" and then "share runs." Click on "Grab the code" then come back to blogger. Go to your blogger dashboard (after signing in), click on manage posts, edit the post you want to put this in, and past your code. Then click "publish code" so the world can see it!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

THURSDAY PROGRESS: Boise Day 10, Denver Day 4

Please post your progress in the comments.

Map Your Run (or Walk)

I found this cool tool that can help you figure out how far you've walked or run when you decide to take it outside for a little fresh air. Alternatively you can have a distance goal in mind and start drawing on the map to figure out where you should go to meet your distance goal.

Here is a sample route from my house. I found the interface a little tricky at first, but if you just make small clicks along the route you want, it will draw the line for you.

P.S.- I realize Nike has similar functionality on their site so if that one already works for you keep on keepin' on. If you haven't tried the Nike one, hopefully this post will give you some incentive. If you don't have or want to get a Nike login, then try the mapmyrun one out. They're all powered by google anyway, lol.

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Blog Elements

Ok, so I'm serious about posting stuff, I swear. I have all sorts of new topics to start and things that would be fun to post, but if I'm the only one posting, I really don't care to. However, as the blog admin I feel it's still my job to put up the progress posts, and to post on any admin kind of things.

So, I'd like to draw your attention to some cool little things I added to the sidebar. I have a links section. So far the only links I have put there are links to the rss feeds for the blog posts as well as the blog comments. That way your RSS reader can tell you when someone has added a comment which is particularly useful for us since most of the chatter is going on in the comments. Also, I added my Nike+ stats for my last 5 runs. I'd like all of us who have Nike+ to put theirs on there too, so contact me and I will tell you how to do it.

BTW Nike+ is a great little gadget. It's used in conjunction with your iPod, tracks all your stats for your runs, and uploads it for graphing/tracking, etc on the Nike+ website. It also talks you through your runs a little bit. It's a suped up pedometer. You're supposed to buy a Nike+ shoe to stick the little insert into, but I just stick the little doodad into my shoe, loose on top of my foot. So far that works ok. Without the shoe it's only about $30. Pretty sweet!


MONDAY PROGRESS: Boise Training Day 7, Denver Training Day 1!!!

Please post your progress in the comments.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Posting on the Bunnies Blog

You don't have to be an author/contributor to this blog to be able to post comments on it. Anyone can post comments. I was hoping all participants in this group would at the very least post comments talking about their progress/experiences with this whole thing, though not everyone is doing that yet. Maybe when real training starts on Monday? I could have had us just email our thoughts/progress back and forth to each other instead of do this blog, but for whatever reason, I thought the blog would be better. Anyway PLEASE post your progress if you do nothing else!

But the reason I invited you all to be contributors is so that you could also put new, actual posts on this blog. So far, I'm the only one to do that. And I didn't want that. Teddi thought it would be good for me to explicitly say this since she didn't think that was clear. I manage 3 of my own blogs already, I was hoping this would be a community blog where you guys start your own topics of conversation. Just for the sake of keeping the main blog page clean, I propose keeping those discussions limited to the comments, but please please feel free to start new topics in new posts yourself, that's what I gave you the authority to do when you became a contributor. This is what I was hoping when I wrote that I hoped you guys would post tidbits of things to inspire us, etc..

If we all chip in and contribute, it's not a big task at all, just put something up when you have a question, or when you want the group to do something fun like show pictures of gear, or whatever. I'm really too busy and overwhelmed with things as it is to be doing this & trying to motivate everyone on my own.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

What's your gear?

It's fun to look at all the gizmos everyone is using. Post links to yours in the comments, or edit this post and add photos here.

Elisabeth's gear:

Monday, July 30, 2007

A Different Training Program & A Different Marathon

Hey, I found this at Nike+. It's a 12-week beginner program to train for the half marathon. I think it looks potentially better than the one I selected before. Course we're now 11 weeks away (10 in Boise), so we'd have to start on week 2 (3).

BTW Nike+ has their own (women's) half marathon. They're having it on October 21st. It raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society. If you know someone who wants to train with us, but can't attend the Marathons we're looking at, this could be another option.

MONDAY PROGRESS: Boise Training Day 1, Denver Pretraining

Please put your progress in the comments.

Welcome to our new Blog!

So here we are ladies. It's official, due to lack of participation in naming, I went ahead and chose "The Eat-My-Dust Bunnies" for our name. Today is the first day of training for the Boise half marathon, us Denver marathoners still have another week of pre-training to do. If you want to see the pre-training schedule again, click here.

On the charity front, Monica may be joining us to train/run and she will be doing it for the charitable orginazation she started. I've asked her to give us the info on that, because she'd like us all to consider raising money for it too. Look for info to come soon.

On posting...
I will put up progress posts, and you guys can all put your progress in the comments of the post. I think it would be cool to have them all in one post, and using the comments will help us do that. But you all are welcome to create other posts as well. Other things to post on: tips for training/getting through the marathon; inspirational tidbits, quotes, stories; etc.. I encourage you all to post, because this is the main way we will encourage each other through this.

For those of you who don't know already, if you are interested in what got me/us started, here is my original email requesting fellow trainers.