Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Denver Bunnies Photo Recap

I have to say that as a spectator I was so impressed with Elisabeth and Monica. Not only did they train hard for this day, but they also completed a race in crazy weather and beat the 3 hr mark goal they had set for themselves.

George, Regin, Stacey, Jeff, and I mapped out our spectator course and decided to cheer the bunnies on from the 4, 9, and a little after the 12 mile markers as well as the finish line. I think Regin and I were the warmest of the group probably because we were bundled up and had umbrellas keeping us dry. I mapped out how much I walked on Sunday and it ended up being about 3.85 miles.

It was really cool to see participants of all types. I came away with the belief that I have no excuse for not doing it. We saw people in wheelchairs as well as an individual with a stroller in front of them and in the stroller was some breathing equipment (oxygen tanks, etc.). Whoa! No excuses.

George mentioned that he was going to train to do a 5k with Elisabeth and I was inspired to train for one as well. I found some, but that's for a future post. Here are some of the images of Elisabeth and Monica from their 1/2 marathon on Sunday! Click the images to see them larger.


Elisabeth said...

Holy moly I've got som calves now! Ok, so just like Katrin, I look a little chunky on top, because I've got about 6 layers on. That's probably why I lasted a little longer, temperature-wise, than Monica did.

Thanks T! So cool to see us in action! Wahoooooo!

Amanda said...

Those are great pictures, and what a fan club you have! My fans were whimps and only came for the end, and even then, my mom missed me finishing :( Josh took some pics at the end on his cell phone. I'll check to see if they're any good. Are we supposed to get other race pics from the marathon photographers?

Vanilla said...

Congrats on finishing in awful weather conditions.