Sunday, October 7, 2007

I Did It!!

Well, today was the day of the Boise race. Christine and I completed the "City of Trees" 1/2 marathon. I was so energized and high throughout the whole thing that we ended up completing it in record time. We both expected to be in the 4 hour range, but we actually completed it in 3:34:26. Yeah us!!! I feel great. My legs are tired, my feet hurt, but my upper body and brain are totally ready for a party. I am soooooo proud of this accomplishment.

So we had a police escort for much of the race. He was in charge of escorting the rear of the race. LOL. He spoke with us throughout the race. He would go ahead to the next intersection, and wait, cheer us on, then go to the next one. Bret had to take Bear to the Emergency room because Bear sprained his foot last night. But Annika and Christine's family started cheering us on about half way through the race. They met us at about 6 spots on the race course and yelled out "go dust bunnies!" They also refilled our water bottles an provided us with protein/energy bars.

About 2 miles shy of the finish line, we finally passed two other walkers and then three more at about 1/2 mile. The last person we passed was a runner (full marathoner) who was getting overly tired. As soon as we passed her, she got re-energized and passed us up again. At the last intersection, we started running. We ran through the finish line with a bunch of people cheering. Wahoo! At least we weren't last.

Your turn!


Elisabeth said...

Katrin, I am so flipping proud of you and excited for you! I wish I could have been there to cheer you on too! I am even more pumped now to do our race this Sunday. But you have Monica and I worried. What an awesome time!!! We worked our butts off for the 8 mile, and we did it in just under 2 hours! That's with plenty of running! I know I could have gone a bit faster without her, and I was stupid and did heavy yard work and major mall shopping the day before (huge mistake), but still! We're hoping to do the race in under 3 hours. I keep telling her we'll do better on the day because we'll be filled with adrenaline from the excitement of it all. Was that your experience? How do you feel physically today?

Teddi said...

Katrin, that is so wonderful!!! Elisabeth gave us all an update at the yarn party yesterday. I have already been impressed with all of you who have trained for this 1/2 marathon and now that you've completed it, wow! I'm sure you feel great!

fat-fit katrin said...

OK, so I am still pretty high. I was all smiles today. The only problem was that my back hurts, my butt hurts, my quads hurt, and my right foot hurts. Christine says her hips and shins hurt.

Definitely the excitement of the day gave us an extra dose of adrenaline. Like I said, this was basically faster than we had trained.

Bret and I are considering the Zeitgeist 1/2 M in November. It is hilly, though. Bret did it last year, and he was surprised at how difficult it was. He was expecting it to be just a wee bit harder than his previous one.

Elisabeth, what is your usual miles per minute? I suspect 3 hours is very doable for you guys. Runners don't usually worry about staying together with their training partner, but I know that Christine and I were instrumental in keeping the other one at pace.

Break a leg ladies. BTW, did you know that you are not supposed to train for 1 week after a race? So I am happily taking the week off.

Elisabeth said...

I don't know what Monica's is, but when we re together, it's 15 min per mile at best. My usual is more like 13.5-14.5, and I have managed under 13 on some shorter ones. The only thing is, that is with me deciding my exact intervals for running and walking. So I don't expect to be a whole lot faster on the day since I will still be controlling the intervals so I don't peter out too early. Monica and I have talked about running/walking together. But I may just have to leave her on the day, because I have been working hard to improve my time.

Man!!! Another race already???? What kind of training do you think you will do?