Sunday, October 21, 2007

Back to the old grindstone

Well, I logged 4.5 miles today. It felt kinda good to get back to the game. I am having more trouble staying motivated. I will have to get Christine to work with me again. I have recruited at least one or two additional bunnies for the next race. I haven't found one for the fall or winter. It looks like early spring at best. I will just have to do fun-runs in the mean time. I am seriously considering training for a triathlon next. Any takers?


fat-fit katrin said...

Elisabeth, you will have to re-write the description of who we are. We are no longer training for October.

Erica said...

Do you want to a full triathlon or a sprint? I'm in for some fun runs, a sprint triathlon, and possibly a triathlon. Let me know!

fat-fit katrin said...

I think sprint for me. I don't think I am up for a full. the bicycle is really hard on my arthritis. but I would definitely consider a full tri after the break in process. that is, if I do and feel ok after a sprint.