Monday, October 1, 2007

Weekly Progress: Boise FINAL WEEK, Denver week 9

Please post your progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

I wrote a lot about my progress already in the previous post. Otherwise.... Well, I think I have some kind of senior-itis or similar. For the first time, this week I skipped a run because I was in a foul mood and just didn't want to. I think I almost feel like I did this already. And now it's just a formality. I am still excited for the upcoming race though, but training for it has suddenly become drudgery. Still, I'm very proud of the work I've done, and how far I've come. And how doable it all seems now. Katrin mentioned on the phone to me today that her 8 mile on saturday seemed easy now. :)

AND I'm definitely getting smaller. I read somewhere online that it takes 2-3 months of running to start to really see the difference on the outside. And I am little more than 3 months now. The woman who wrote the article said that there is all kinds of great improvements going on internally way before we start to see it on the outside, so not to get discouraged. I imagine since I am still running less than half the time, it's taking much longer to see real results, but a few people have commented that I am thinner all over. My pants are definitely much looser in the leg and butt, but my belly is still very baby-licious, and I have "mom arms." I really need to do more (any) strength training to tone those bits I guess. I'm desperate to get back into yoga, but there is the issue of mid-morning babysitting: not easy. Anyway, people say they see it in my neck, face, legs, and even George said my belly is smaller. YAY!

Amanda said...

Well, I haven't participated much (or at all) in the blogging yet, but I'm still in for the race! I haven't signed up yet, but am planning to in the next few days. I ran 8 miles on Saturday and still felt like I could run a little more afterwords. I guess that's a good sign. I did have a problem with my left foot, it felt like I was getting a blister or something. Do you all have some kind of cushions in your shoes? My shoes aren't that worn down, but I do have a newer pair I could try if all else fails.
The shirts are so cute!!! I'm going to have to get the tank top for sure. I'm thinking about a medium, but what do you recommend?
I think I got a coupon from Elisabeth in my email, but I somehow deleted it. Could I get another one or am I SOL.
Wow, only a couple more weeks!

fat-fit katrin said...

Wow! It's just about here. I did the 8 miler last Saturday. It was so easy. It is funny to look back at how hard 6 miles was the first time. I can't wait for the race. I got my shirts. I bought the tank and the yellow ladies Tshirt. The tank fits very nicely. flattering shape. I got the small. Annika can wear it! but it is loose on her. the ladies Tee was a bit disappointing. it looks fitted on the picture, but it is totally boxy. Still, it is cute. the quality of the material is nothing like the tank, though. I ordered tees for the kids and hubby too. I am going to loan out my tee to a friend. I am stationing a family at each one hour segment to refill my water bottle and provide me with a protein bar. (and cheer me on). Each group will have at least one person wearing the bunnies gear.

I am so proud of myself. I haven't run a single step. I am strictly a walker. So the race will take me 3-4 hours, depending on what pace I manage.

Amanda, I think the blister thing can be one of two things. One, your shoes don't fit right. two, you just blister. My hubby doesn't consider his workout satisfactory unless he has a blister or bloody toenail. But that's just him. he is into self torture. ( al little masochistic if you ask me). But seriously, he just blisters. I don't blister hardly ever, unless my shoes are really stiff. I got my new shoes at one of those stores where they analyze your gait and determine what type of support your foot needs. then they recommend a certain shoe based on the results.

Elisabeth, It's amazing what mental games can do to you. the whole motivation thing. When my friend wasn't going to meet as planned on one of my longer walks, I talked myself out of going. Then when I finally went, I had a hard time convincing myself that I should stick it out to the end.

I am definitely changing shape, the scale doesn't show too much difference, but my pants do. Afterall, when you exercise, you gain muscle. Even though the amount of fat lost is greater than the amount of muscle gained, the net effect is a very minimal weight loss due to muscle being heavier than fat.

Elisabeth said...

Amanda -- you've probably ordered them already by now, but I can't send you the coupon without buying something myself. Ah well, I made two purchases now with no coupons for me!

Katrin -- My scale does body fat too and there has been no change there either. I think that it's a piece of junk, because I can see that my body is different, so how can I still have the same amount of body fat??? Too bad. It was an expensive piece of junk.

fat-fit katrin said...

This is the eve of our 1/2 marathon in Boise. Christine and I have finalized our plans, gotten our kids and husbands on board, and are ready to put the feet to the pavement.

We went to the packet pick-up/open house today. Not as exciting as I thought it would be. We did, however, find some cute, pink stickers that said 13.1 miles. We each got one of them. Most of the rest of the stuff was for runners.

We also got a chance to study the race course. You can check it out at The mile markers on the map are for the full marathoners. But the list shows the intersection for each mile-marker. It is scary to see it on paper. We will be covering most of Boise!

I almost ended up racing without my Bunny shirt! I couldn't find it anywhere. Bret kept offering to loan me his. (not nearly as cute on me as it hangs nearly to my knees.) I finally found it in his closet. Christine bought the same one, so we will really look like a team. Wow, can't wait. I gotta go to bed, I will let you know how it went tomorrow afternoon.