Monday, October 8, 2007

Make sure you have your own source of energy drinks!

This from, be careful if we have a hot day on Sunday! Someone died in the Chicago marathon yesterday. Lots more were hospitalized. It was 88 degrees and there were shortages of water & energy drinks along the route.


Teddi said...

What kinds of energy drinks and bars do you and Monica like?

fat-fit katrin said...

I heard that someone at the Boston Marathon also died. See! and you guys thought I was being silly to have our gangs supply us along the way.

BTW, the only protein bar I have found that does not contain HFCS is "Balance." Also, if you eat a banana periodically during your race, all you need is water, not gatorade. Most electrolyte replacement drinks also contain HFCS. Bananas contain a high amount of electrolytes but no artificial sweetener.

Our marathon had frequent stations with water and gatorade. about half way through the race, they added orange wedges and peeled 1/2 bananas.

Elisabeth said...

Monica and I have been using Recharge. It's a natural energy drink, no HFCS! I was introduced to it when my midwife insisted on me having lots of it during my labor. I don't really want to eat while I am on the go. It's bad enough to feel that liquid in my stomach. So Recharge seems best for me. For a while all the grocery stores were carrying it. Now I am no longer seeing it at my Safeway. But King Soopers (as well as the natural stores) carries it.