Sunday, October 14, 2007

Future Training

Well, we decided to keep it simple for now. The entire fam damily is doing a relay race at the end of November. The Turkey Trot. Each memeber does 2 miles. You need 4 members. Bret will start us off; then he will run 2 with Annika; 2 with Bear; and finish with me at the anchor. Bret wants to do the entire thing. He doesn't even get warmed up until he has done at least 4 or 5 miles. A 6 miler is a regular training event for him.

Oh, and both my kids are doing the Harrison Kids Classic today! It is a One-miler through Harrison Boulevard (the prettiest part of town.) Annika (11) is excited, Bear (7) is dreading it. This is his first race. Annika did the Harrison when she was 6. Omma would be so proud! Annika will be wearing my Bunny Tank! Go Dust Bunnies!

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