Saturday, October 13, 2007

Nervous, Cold, & Wet

It's pouring rain. It's freezing cold. I've done my best today to not do anything so as to conserve energy for tomorrow, but I had to do something with my nervous energy, so I made a couple of huge batches of baby food, and did some laundry, before settling down to knit in front of the tv.
I'm nervous. Not about doing well. I don't know what I'm nervous about, but I am. Monica is all negativity and dread. She hasn't been excited about this at all. Sometimes I am not quite sure why she decided to do this. But I do hope she feels really proud of herself at the end. I know I will. Amanda tried to post something earlier, but wasn't able to, so I'm putting up email between her and me now.



Wow, this pretty much sucks. I've run in rain before, but not when it's so cold outside. I'm not sure what to wear? Probably a rain coat wouldn't be a bad idea. I don't really have one, so I may have to go get one too! Well, on the bright side, we'll have a much better story to tell.

I tried to post this on the blog but I for some reason I couldn't remember my password. I guess I made it too complicated. Do you guys want to try to meed before the race? I'm not sure how many people are running, but I'd like to try to find you guys so all the bunnies can start together wearing our shirts that will be covered up by rain coats :(

Also, are you having George go to a certain place to cheer you on, or just the finishline. I'm not sure where I should plant Josh.

I'm definately excited to run even though the weather might suck! I can't believe it's finally here! I don't have your cell phone #, but if you want, you can give me a call so we can figure out the details. Thanks!


George and a couple other people have some potential spots in mind but I don't think they've decided for sure.
Let's definitely try and connect. We're all going to try and be down there at 7 tomorrow. Argh! I am so nervous! And I sooooooo hope the rain is mostly done tomorrow. I bought some schmancy running gear that's supposed to wick and keep me protected from the weather. we'll see. I think a true raincoat would just make me sweat more. But maybe I should have George hold on to it just in case, and I can grab it from him when I see him.

I'll put this on the blog. You do need to sign in to create a new post, but you could have put this in the comments without signing in.

In case we don't connect, good luck girlie! GO BUNNIES!


fat-fit katrin said...

I am spitting in your general direction (per Faroese tradition). All you dust bunnies go!!!
check out my pictures from last weeks run:

enter hurley as last name. Can't remember my bib number, lol. Christine looks great. I look a little chunky, but I was wearing shorts under my sweats just in case it got hot. Plus the cameral adds 10#, right? ;)

break a leg bunnies!

Elisabeth said...

Great pix, are you ordering some?

Teddi said...

My favorite is 29265-101-027 because you can see your smiling faces and the bunny shirts :).