Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 5, Denver Week 4

Please post your progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

So, FFK -- why did your iPod battery die? Was it fully charged? I have been worried about it making it through the longer walks as I have read about people needing battery extenders on flights. I wonder if those work with the nike+ stuff. I got my walks all mixed up this past week. I missed last Thursday's walk -- my first missed one so far -- then we went to walsenburg on saturday. Weather cut my walk short on sunday (3.5 miles) so I had to do saturday's walk on monday and count sunday as monday's walk. I have to tell you that it was REALLY REALLY ROUGH doing that 6 mile on uneven, sandy terrain, and often with the wind against me. I was so weak afterwards that it was difficult to hold up my magazine while I was reading it. :( Going on the 5-mile today. Not sure if I will do it indoor or out. Wish me luck!

fat-fit katrin said...

wait until you haave to do the 8 miler. i had rubber legs even on the treadmill. I guess I didn't pay attention to my battery needing to be charged. I will have to check it before my workouts from now on. Good job on the sticking to it.


Elisabeth said...

Ugh. The 8 miles was difficult. BUT, did not leave me quite as wiped as my 6-mile on monday. And today I walked in the hot sun, on a path around a lake that had some mini hills and such, but still, though I am thoroughly wiped out today, I am not as bad as I was Monday. I think it's because the loose dirt/wind/uneven ground was so draining, plus I had walked 3.5 miles (in the same conditions) less than 24 hours before. Today I had had about 48 hours to recover since my last walk. But still, it was more difficult to get through mentally for sure.

I nearly quit at mile 4 (not really). I was so discouraged that though I was still moving forward, it was at a snail's pace with slumped shoulders. So I called in for back up. George came and walked/ran the last three miles with me. Why was I so downhearted? Because, just a little after my iPod announced to me that I had only 4 miles remaining on my run, it went on to inform me that no working out was going on... i.e. it was no longer registering my motion. I rectified this, only to find out that I had also mistakenly told it that my workout would be 8.05 miles long not 8 miles long. So in order for me to have completed the Nike+ workout, I would have to walk an extra .3 miles! This may not seem a huge deal, but it brought me down considerably, and then, the clouds parted, and just to punish me more, the sun started beating down on me with all its might. It must have been in the 90s by that time. How could I go on? Only halfway done and so tired, discouraged, and overheated?

Well, finally I made it. And after making I think... Oh my god the pain, but half marathon, lookout! I am coming for you!

fat-fit katrin said...

I was completely wiped out after my 10 miler. Everything started hurting after about 8 miles. If it ws just muscular, I could have pushed through. In fact my muscular pain tended to ease up as I sped up. But no, I was developing a serious back pain. The sharp stabbing kind, not the dull ache kind. I ended up quitting about 1 mile early. It was just too much. I was so wiped out that I did absolutely nothing of any value for the rest of the day. Basically vegged in front of the TV and visited a friend (twice). I'm a little worried about the 11 miler coming up this week. It should be equally gruelling.

On a positive note, I feel really good about myself. Haven't really lost any significant weight, but feel really good.

Yeah me!