Friday, August 3, 2007

Posting on the Bunnies Blog

You don't have to be an author/contributor to this blog to be able to post comments on it. Anyone can post comments. I was hoping all participants in this group would at the very least post comments talking about their progress/experiences with this whole thing, though not everyone is doing that yet. Maybe when real training starts on Monday? I could have had us just email our thoughts/progress back and forth to each other instead of do this blog, but for whatever reason, I thought the blog would be better. Anyway PLEASE post your progress if you do nothing else!

But the reason I invited you all to be contributors is so that you could also put new, actual posts on this blog. So far, I'm the only one to do that. And I didn't want that. Teddi thought it would be good for me to explicitly say this since she didn't think that was clear. I manage 3 of my own blogs already, I was hoping this would be a community blog where you guys start your own topics of conversation. Just for the sake of keeping the main blog page clean, I propose keeping those discussions limited to the comments, but please please feel free to start new topics in new posts yourself, that's what I gave you the authority to do when you became a contributor. This is what I was hoping when I wrote that I hoped you guys would post tidbits of things to inspire us, etc..

If we all chip in and contribute, it's not a big task at all, just put something up when you have a question, or when you want the group to do something fun like show pictures of gear, or whatever. I'm really too busy and overwhelmed with things as it is to be doing this & trying to motivate everyone on my own.


B Moffett said...

Way to go ladies. You are all doing great. I think you will be amazed at yourselves in 12 weeks. I am real proud of Katrin. She has salvaged a couple of workouts, which is so much better than just taking the easy way out and giving up when things aren't just so. Example: She went to cross train at the Y by taking a Pilates class. When she got there, she found out she had to take a prerequisite to participate (ridiculous). Rather than quiting, she went out to her car, grabbed her bathing suit, and came back in for a swim. Sounds simple but it is so beneficial mentally and physically. I liken training to building a callous (which I have a ton of on my feet from running so much). The best training builds everything up like a callous. If you do too much, too fast you get a blister, which is not good. If you stay after it consistently, you will build up a nice tough callous to protect you on race day. Of course, I don't just mean the callous you get on your skin. I mean the mental and physical toughness all the way 'round. Keep up the good work everybody. It will be so exciting to see all your race bibs posted here in a few months. Feet don't fail me now.

fat-fit katrin said...

Thanks Bret. The pilates course was free, but the prerequisite course was $25. So they lost me as a participant. I now do it at home on my non-walking days.

I have had many ideas about topics, but have difficulty staying on top of the blogging. I kinda understood it to be your job, elisabeth, to keep it going. I apologize for my ignorance. I shall do better.