Monday, September 17, 2007

Weekly Progress: Boise Week 8, Denver Week 7

Please post your progress in the comments.


Elisabeth said...

Had to skip the 11-mile due to illness. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( I really wanted to do it. Now I am focusing on resting and taking all the various vitamins, echinacea, garlic, chicken soup I can. Hopefully I will be well enough to do my next small run (tomorrow). I am so bummed. I really hope I don't lose any of the training work I've done.

I agree about the continued training K. We're definitely going to have to do something. I wonder if there are any runs in Malaysia to train for. :)

Elisabeth said...

Ok, I'm back! I finally did another run today. I tried to go back to the scheduled amount (4miles) and my most recent pace (13.5 - 13 minute/mile) but I'm still sick, so I decided to take it a little easy. I cut it short, only 3 miles, but my pace was still decent. I've been off since what, Thursday? Missed a major run. And I still managed a 14-minute mile. Course the stupid semi-functioning Nike+ doodad told me I'd recorded my personal best for the mile even though my personal best was 13. And several times when I actually did do my personal best in the past it told me nothing!

I have to go get some Nike+ shoes maybe. I badly need good shoes anyway, and the Nike+ thingy is failing to register a little too frequently. I have to wear thick socks and put the thing in just the right spot in my shoe. Well, I think I have proved that this device works for me, so I should just plunk down the change and get the shoe the device was made for instead of doing this cheap hack.

Elisabeth said...

You know, another thing I've noticed about the Nike+ system... there are often dicrepencies between my iPod, iTunes, the Nike+ website, and the little thing I put on our blog that shows my last 5 runs. Like one may tell me I dida 14-minute mile and another says 14'10". Annoying.

Elisabeth said...

Ok I am just talking with myself now. I'm going to go shower and thereby wake up my sleeping boy. Thus will begin my hectic day.