Tuesday, September 18, 2007

This is what I wish our blog was...

Maybe if we keep this blog going after the marathons are over... Maybe if we keep training, maybe if we encourage other contributors to join (and contribute)... Maybe, maybe, maybe this blog can be how I envisioned it: A record of our training and success, a place to come together to vent and give each other moral support, a place to post tidbits of information, inspiration, training/technique advice, and fun little things to blow off some newbie runner steam. Maybe.

In the meantime, I found a blog that is all of those things, maybe more, and it's just one guy doing the posting! And whaddya know? He's also a first-timer for the Denver Half Marathon on October 14th! (Though he has run several smaller races like the Bolder Boulder.) His blog is my new favorite blog to read. Maybe at some point I will stop lurking and introduce myself and our little blog. And maybe not. I mean, what do I say? That me and my sister call ourselves the Eat-My-Dust Bunnies, and we aren't even training for the same marathon, or that we a failed GROUP, though we ourselves are not failures?

Maybe he'll see that I have linked to his blog and he'll come and introduce himself to us. :) Hi Vanilla! Welcome!


Elisabeth said...

To be fair to me, I could be making this that kind of blog too if I did run three other blogs, have an infant to care for, etc.. I almost started to try and make it that kind of blog on my own, but I decided against it. I envisioned it as a group effort and I didn't want to do the work for other people when I have a hard enough time as it is evening making posts on my other blogs these days.

I think I went about starting this all wrong. I asked people to train with me and then demanded that they become bloggers. Maybe in the future, if there is a future for the Bunnies, I will approach people and ask them if they'd like to become contributors for a blog about being a female, newbie long-distance trainer.

Elisabeth said...

oops typos galore. Proofread before posting Elisabeth! Ah well, you hopefully catch my drift.

fat-fit katrin said...

well, E., we won't be beginners forever. So maybe we are a support group for non-competitive runners/walkers. I try real hard to keep this thing up with my life. It is hard...and I only have ONE blog. I wonder how many of our cohorts even read them.

I'll check out the other blog after the kids are in bed. Maybe it will inspire me.


Vanilla said...

Well hello there!

I haven't really had a chance to poke around this fine looking blog yet but I fully intend to when I have some time.

I am happy to make your cyber-acquaintance. Did I see that it says somewhere that you are running the Denver Half Marathon too? I hope so. I don't know of anyone else running it.

Keep up the good work!

Elisabeth said...

Hi back! Welcome!! I'm a big fan, read all (well most) of your posts.

Yep, some of us here are doing the Denver Half Marathon on October 14th also. Good luck with the rest of your training and race day! And keep writing those great posts on your blog! :)