Friday, October 12, 2007

Sunday's Going to be a Challenge

Well, we know that already, right? It's a half marathon for goodness sake. It's supposed to be challenging, otherwise why bother? But is it supposed to be this challenging? The current weather predicted is FUH-reezing cold, and RAIN. Monica and I were just discussing yesterday that rain would be the absolute worst. Snow we could deal with, wind would be miserable, but cold rain would be just about unmanageable. And guess what? A high of 51 and rain! So it's actually going to be in the 40s during race time. Great. A couple of days ago they were predicting a high of 60, with a slight chance of drizzles, then it was 58, now 51 and rain! So we're off to get appropriate gear tonight. I doubt anyone will even get to see my cute bunny shirt that's all clean and ready to go. Next time we need bunny ponchos. :)

Oh, and being that this is an all girls challenge, I thought this might be appropriate since some of us will undoubtedly be facing this issue: racing through menstruation. Bah bah bah buhhmmmmmmm (Beethoven's 5th with sound effects of thunderclaps). I was going to summarize everything that's written in these articles, but I don't have time. I have to go buy cold/wet-weather running clothes and pick up my packet. Oh and I still have to walk 2 miles today. Anyway, I will leave you with a few links if you are facing the unfortunate girly issue of issues. The gist: suck it up. There are supposedly worse times in your cycle to run (energy-wise). Monica refuses to believe me, but that's what the experts claim!


Erica said...

Man oh Man!! I was working in the garden today when the storm hit! Then I thought of you guys! I'm dying to know how it went. Sending good vibes... I know you all kicked ass!!

Elisabeth said...

ummm... it's maƱana, but thanks! :)

fat-fit katrin said...

Bunnies Rock!!!